Tax preparation and filling

Corporate Income Taxes (T2)



As experts in corporate tax preparation and filing, we ensure the deployment of proper tax planning that will help your business minimize taxes. We ensure the timely preparation of your financial statements and file your corporate taxes before the deadline. 

Corporate Income Tax Services

Preparation of unaudited financial Statement and notice to reader

Preparation and filing of corporate income tax returns

Preparation and filing of T4 and T5 slips

Bookkeeping necessary for compilation of the financial statements

Sundry consultation relating to accounting, finance and income tax matters

CRA Audit representation

Trust Income Taxes (T3)


With the ageing population, estate and succession planning has become very important. We are here to provide the help you need to enable you to transfer your estate or business to your family member(s) with minimal taxes.

With family trust, we help with all the accounting and tax services required to manage a successful trust account.

Trust Income Tax Service

Estate and succession planning 

Preparation of T3 slips

Preparation and filing trust tax returns

Personal Income Taxes (T1)



We approach our personal tax services by ensuring we help minimize your tax burden and maximize your return.

We start the process of saving you money by doing tax planning which would guide your transactions throughout the year.

Personal Income Tax Services:

Personal income tax preparation

Rental property income preparation

Business tax preparation

Terminal tax preparation

CRA tax audits and appeals representation

Non-profit / Charity Taxes



Most non-profit and charity organizations pay no tax but there are still reporting requirements and tax filing where applicable that is often overlooked by these organizations.

We have the expertise to help you prepare and file these returns timely and help you avoid the penalty for late filing ranging from $100 to $2500 as well as avoid revocation of charitable status.

Non-profit / Charity Tax and Return Services

Preparation and filing non-profit T2 (tax exempt entity) Tax

Preparation and filing non-profit information return (T1044)

Preparation and filing registered charity information return (T3010)

Bookkeeping necessary for compilation of the income and expenditure statements

Sundry consultation relating to accounting, finance and income tax matter